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Health is the harmonious function of all body processes, and disease is a result of discord within the body. Therefore, a damaged body process leads to discord and disease. The body is its own master healer; it produces every drug known to man in exactly the right location, within its own completely unique bodily systems and circumstances. The body also has a powerful innate program of homeostasis. This means it really wants to be healthy and gears itself to heal when damaged. Often, the healthy body has no obstacles to a full and speedy recovery over an injury or infection. Yet, there are times that the body just needs a helping hand. With this outlook, based on the resilience of the human body, chiropractors have developed their healing method. This is trusting the body to naturally do most of the work. Chiropractors intervene only if the body’s ability to function or properly heal has been obstructed due to neuromusculoskeletal lesions that we call the vertebral subluxation complex.

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