Pursuing the Gonstead Technique as Your Chiropractic Treatment in Abilene, TX

Our Abilene Chiropractic practice has been around since 1895. Many methods have developed over time and all are directed toward identifying and correcting the sometimes-elusive vertebral subluxation complex. These chiropractic techniques have varied widely throughout chiropractic academia, and typically have reflected the expertise of the specific college where they are taught.  The Palmer College of Chiropractic is the biggest, oldest, and most famous chiropractic college in the world. The Palmer system of technique is based primarily on the Gonstead technique. Doctors Jason and Jared Specht are the only Palmer educated doctors in Abilene, TX. 

Why It Works

While many other techniques can and do help people, the Gonstead technique provides more reliable and repeatable results in fewer visits. The Gonstead technique is based on specificity. Using this technique, we can accurately identify the exact location of the vertebral subluxation, and deliver a specific adjustment tailored to the needs of that specific joint.

  • Nerve Function Scans – specialized instrumentation pinpoints the defect in the nervous system, at the spinal level
  • X-Ray Analysis – accurately defines the joint’s position
  • Specific Adjusting Technique – using multiple specialized adjusting tables we can isolate the subluxation and provide appropriate successful correction

In other words, we do not simply “pop” your spine this way and that way and hope that it works. We intend to fix you on purpose. To learn more about our methods, contact us today.