Treating a subluxation


Spine Adjustment & Chiropractic Treatment
in Abilene, TX

The vertebral subluxation complex is the process of a diminished or restricted range of motion in a spinal joint that leads to an inflammatory process in the cartilage and capsules of the joint. This directly or indirectly alters the nervous system function at the spinal or cord level of the subluxation.

Whether the subluxation is complicated by a gross misalignment at the vertebrae, or a subtle fixation only, the local problem spreads rapidly to other body processes through the impaired function of the nervous system at that level.

The subluxation is very limited in its ability to heal by itself. The nature of cartilage requires that it be mostly avascular (very limited blood supply), yet cartilage is still living, breathing, eating, excreting tissue and must be provided nourishment. This nourishment is provided by the pumping action of the joint in its surrounding interstitial fluid. When a joint is subluxated, this pumping action is disabled by the nature of the subluxation (fixation) itself, and the body’s ability to heal itself is blocked.

Our Role in Recovery

Chiropractors aid the body’s recovery by restoring the proper motion and/or alignment to the affected joint, thus allowing the proper cellular transport required for healing. As healing occurs, inflammation subsides, and normal nervous system function is restored. To learn more, contact us today.

Treating a subluxation